Epson X-Desk: Watch out Microsoft Surface!

Epson is to Microsoft as X-Desk is to Surface Epson has introduced a Surface-like table called the X-Desk. It is a multitouch table that uses rear projection technology and infrared sensors to interact with your fingers and real objects such as mobile phones.

Retail Focus Epson is gearing the X-Desk for retail applications. For instance, AT&T could use it to compare features of different mobile phones. I could also see this in the homes of the rich: kids come up to it, put their smartphones on it, and start messing around with their pictures. I’m assuming the X-Desk will be expensive.

X-Desk App Store I have an idea Epson. Create a developer community by opening the APIs on the X-Desk. Then create an Xapp Store. Have the X-Desk automatically connect to the Xapp Store to download cool apps. Sounds cool? I can test it out for you.

Source: crave

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