Kyo-Yuzen Aspire One: Ufo Hayashi


Kyo-Yuzen It’s an art of kimono dyeing that was invented around 1700 in the middle of the Edo era in Japan. Characteristic of Yuzen dyeing are stable colors, water resistant, precise patterns, thin lines, artistic blurring, and multi-level gradations.

In the image above, the details are precise. Colors with gradients look beautiful. The green leaves almost have a three dimensional quality. (Photo courtesy: Nikkei Trendy Net)

Ufo Hayashi is a Japanese artist who is known to apply his skills in Kyo-Yuzen to modern high-tech gadgets and transform them into high-tech works of art.


Acer’s Aspire One is pictured above with beautiful patterns using Kyo-Yuzen. Hayashi has worked with a number of other gadgets including iPods, phones and other notebooks. If you are an art collector, or someone who simply has to have one of these, you’re in luck. The Yuzen Aspire One is on eBay and the bidding starts at $3000. (Acer Aspire One Specifications)


Yuzen Type T Pictured above is another Hayashi piece. He took an ordinary Sony VAIO Type T, applied his Kyo-Yuzen skills and turned it into a beautiful work of art. (Photo courtesy: Sony Brands)

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