Fujitsu FMVLUC50N: 5.6″ Convertible UMPC


Fujitsu FMVLUC50N Specifications

Display: 5.6″ Touch Transflective TFT LCD
Aspect Ratio: 16:10
Pixel Format: 1280 x 800
Webcam: 1.3 Megapixel
CPU: Up to 2.0GHz Intel Atom Z550
HDD: Up to 120GB 4200RPM 1.8″ Hard Disk or 64GB SSD
Connectivity: WiFi ABGN, Ethernet, VGA, USB (1), Bluetooth
Storage: CF, SD
OS: Windows XP Home/Pro or Vista Ultimate
Colors: Blue, Earth Silver, Black, Silver, Pink, Beige
Weight: 600g
Availability: Japan
Price: Starts at JPY103,500 (about US$1076)

Tiny & Fast Fujitsu’s FMVLUC50N is one of the first netbooks or UMPC (because it’s so small) that make use of the faster Atom processors from Intel. The 5.6″ netbook sports the upgraded Atom: 1.6GHz Atom Z530 or the faster 2.0GHz Atom Z550. The tiny LCD features a whopping 1280 x 800 pixel format. You will most definitely need to get pretty close to the screen to see anything. The FMVLUC50N is extremely small as you will see in the video after the jump.

Convertible The FMVLUC50N is a convertible netbook. That means you can flip the LCD around and lay it flat and use it as a tablet. I’m guessing the 5.6″ LCD is touch capable. Resistive? Capacitive? I don’t know. Multitouch? Probably not. In the video you can see that the LCD can be viewed outside and that tells me that it is a transflective LCD.

SSD The 64GB SSD option gets you a massive jump on performance with an expected read speeds of 75MB/s and write speeds of 29MB/s. You can also equip it with a 120GB 1.8″ hard disk spinning at 4200RPM.

Odds & Ends The keyboard is very small and there are some weird placements of keys. The Tab key is on the top row with the numbers while the Period button is next to the L key. Weird indeed. Touch typist? Unless you have tiny hands, you’ll need to peck at it with your pointies.

Conclusion The FMVLUC50N has a lot of nifty features such as the convertible transflective LCD but seems to be a bit too small for most people when having to use the keyboard. Also, drivers for the updated Atom seems to be in need of optimization as the 1.6GHz version wasn’t able to smoothly playback a 720p video. If you like really small things and portability is the utmost of importance, then the FMVLUC50N might be a fun (and expensive) toy to play with.

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