Sensitive Object Anywhere MultiTouch: Brings Touch to Glass, Aluminum, Plastic


Really Anywhere Sensitive Object is a start-up company based in France that specializes in man-machine interfaces. By using piezoelectric sensors, Sensitive Object’s Anywhere MultiTouch can bring touch sensitivity to materials such as glass, aluminum and plastic. It also features handwriting recognition and palm rejection. Sensitive Object states that its Anywhere MultiTouch technology sports a competitive price and Windows 7 compliant.

How does it work? The core technology is based on the company’s ReverSys where precise location of touch is recognized through interrupted soundwaves. Unlike other touch-sensing technologies the Anywhere MultiTouch technology, true to its name, provides touch sensitivity on the whole surface of the product. Sounds like a good platform to develop a touch keyboard made of plastic. Some cool videos after the jump. Table Remote Sensitive Object’s touch technology was incorporated into a table. The video shows a user just touching lighted portions of a table to control the TV. That’s a cool idea!

Touch Dashboard Your car dashboard can now be made touch sensitive. The calibration is quick and simple. There is one caveat: any design in a car will require some careful thought. The driver needs to have his eyes on the road and still be able to, with a quick glance, touch the controls on the dash. This is not easy to accomplish.

Touch Everything A mirror is endowed with touch sensitivity that allows control over lighting, curtains, etc. There is another implementation of the table remote. The wall is made touch sensitive too. Tap it and the lights turn on. Double-tap the kitchen counter and the embedded display turns on! Nifty. Shower stall? Music controls are on the glass itself–inside and out. And it is waterproof. How cool is that!

Source: Sensitive Object

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