Apple iBook: 10″ Ultrawide Netbook


According to AppleInsider Apple is preparing a netbook. Supposedly Quanta is building a 10″ netbook for Apple. But Apple’s Tim Cook has said repeatedly that the company is not interested in developing a netbook with features like a cramped keyboard, terrible software, junky hardware and tiny screens. I have some insane ideas about what Apple might be working on.

You can solve the problem of tiny screens and cramped keyboards. If you use a display with a 16:9 or 16:10 ratio the smallest screen you can get down to without having to significantly reduce the size of the keys to make it a cramped keyboard is about 12″. But, if you widen the screen a bit, say to 2.3:1, you could make the screen smaller and maintain the size of a keyboard. With a 2.3:1 aspect ratio you could bring the display down to about 10″ and keep the keyboard from getting into cramped territory. The Apple iBook, which is what I will call it from now on, will look similar to Sony’s VAIO P but will be slightly longer, deeper but much thinner and sexier. The battery will most likely be integrated into the aluminum uni-body like the uni-body 17″ MacBook Pro. So going ultrawide will solve the cramped keyboard and tiny screen issues.

The terrible software problem can be easily solved by Apple by putting OS X in it. Simple enough. Will Apple use Intel’s Atom? Or an ARM-based CPU? Or a full-blown Intel Core 2 Duo? I’m not sure. I do think there is a chance that Apple might use a processor that is built in-house, something never seen before. The purchase of P.A. Semi (Palo Alto Semiconductor) back in 2008 should bear some fruit by now. The processor will probably be dual-core and should be more powerful than an Atom but consume less energy. One core would be the CPU and the other core could possibly be a graphics processor. This makes sense since Snow Leopard will make good use of both CPU and GPU.

So this is my insane idea about Apple’s netbook, the iBook that will be ultrawide and use an in-house processor that will blow the doors off of any netbook out there. Sound crazy? Let me know your thoughts.

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