Mistaken Identity: Samsung 23″ OLED Monitor Prototype Really P2370L

Mistake The post about Samsung’s 23″ OLED monitor prototype that featured on megawhat.tv seems to be the result of a mistaken identity. Unfortunate: I was getting quite excited there for a second. There are many reasons for why the 23″ OLED monitor is most likely a 23″ LCD monitor with a LED backlight. The reasons are:

  • Energy Star sticker: I don’t think Energy Star approves prototypes.
  • No PR from Samsung: A 23″ OLED monitor would be big news. And Samsung would be milking it! But there is absolute silence…
  • 1.6cm thickness: That’s thin, but thick for an OLED display. It should be 1/10 of that.
  • Viewing angles: Picture quality washes out when looked from the side; OLEDs don’t do that, but most LCDs do.

Ron at OLED-Info picked up on these clues. The 23″ OLED monitor is probably Samsung’s P2370L. The P2370L also has a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, sports a LED backlight and is 1.65cm thick.

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