Samsung HMX-R10: 1080p Flash Memory Camcorder


5.3MP Large CMOS Samsung‘s HMX-R10 looks like a cute metallic cyclopes, if ever a cyclopes can be described as cute. Or metallic. The HMX-R10 captures 1080p video, has a 8x optical zoom and an HDMI port. While the rather largish 1/2.33″ 5.3 megapixel (effective) CMOS image sensor is hard at work capturing 1080p you can look at the beautiful video through the 2.7″ touch-enabled LCD flip-out viewfinder. We can expect the larger CMOS image sensor to be quite good at low-light situations. The recording medium on the HMX-R10 is SD and SDHC.

Angled Lens The folks who designed the HMX-R10 were looking out for your wrist. Try this: Lift up your forearm as if you are holding a can of Coke, don’t tilt your wrist, and bring it up to your face. That’s how I imagine it will be holding the HMX-R10. Pretty comfy, isn’t it? The F3.5-3.7 6.8-34.0mm lens is angled at 25 degrees to prevent your hand and wrist from having to unnaturally contort.

Price The HMX-R10 is going for $499.99 at You’ll have to wait just a little bit since the HMX-R10 will be released on May 15, 2009.

Reviews There aren’t a lot of reviews to be found–probably because the HMX-R10 hasn’t been released. But back during CES (that would be January) Samsung was showcasing it. Kaitlyn Chantry at camcorderinfo had a quick look; Pocket-lint over at the UK got to handle the cute camcorder back in late-March and took a bunch of pictures; The Gadget Show has some video footage of the HMX-R10’s slow-mo capability at 300fps and 600fps (both are bad quality in my opinion), regular Full HD video recording and compares them to Sanyo’s Xacti VPC-HD2000. The second video coverage is quite informative and you should definitely take a look before pulling the trigger on the HMX-R10.

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