Amazon Kindle DX: Bigger, Better and More Expensive


Amazon announced the Kindle DX this morning. Here are some standout features of the larger Kindle:

  • Auto-rotate: Should have been there from the beginning. Takes a little time to update the screen.
  • Improved E Ink Display: A first look by Engadget suggest that the display on the Amazon Kindle DX has improved with better contrast. It might be just a software update improving how edges are smoothed out but it could also be a wholesale hardware improvement. Time will tell.
  • Better Keyboard: Keys are raised more and there is more room compared to the Kindle 2.
  • Bigger Price: $489.

1200 x 824 As I have noted in my previous post about the Kindle DX, the display is more than 50% larger at 9.7″ (the Kindle 2 has a 6″ display) and has 16 levels of gray, just like the one in the Kindle 2. The DX has considerably more pixels than the Kindle 2 at 1200 x 824 versus 80 x 600 (both in landscape orientation).

PDF & 4GB The built-in PDF reader is something that current and would-be Kindle customers have wanted for a good long time and it’s nice to see Amazon respond with the DX. The Kindle DX can store quite a bit more books than the Kindle 2: 3500 versus 1500. The DX has 4GB of internal storage of which about 3.3GB is available to the user. The Kindle 2 had half of that. A feature comparison table and a video after the jump.



Open Open I hope Amazon will tweak the way they handle blogs. Currently there are only a few popular blogs (few compared to all the great blogs that are available to a PC or smartphone user) that can be accessed on the Kindle. Amazon should simply open it up.

Mobile Phone Business Model? Clearly the Kindle DX is geared for those who need to read textbooks, magazines, newspapers, etc. that require a bit more information on each page. The DX will certainly meat the needs of those users better than the Kindle 2. But the price seems to be quite high. It would be a pleasant surprise if the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal subsidized the Kindle DX (or made it free!) with a 2-year subscription.

The video above is from Engadget shot during press conference that was held at Pace University earlier this morning. The Kindle DX will be shipping this summer and you can pre-order it today.

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