Shinoda 145″ Plasma Tube Array (PTA): 3×2 Meter Matrix

shinoda_plasma_tube_arrayThin & Light Shinoda Plasma Corporation, the company that will catapult plasma technology as the best for digital signage (and other applications) showed off its 145″ plasma display. But it’s not only the size, it’s the thickness and the weight. Let’s do a simple comparison. I just wrote about B&O’s BeoVision 4-103, the 103″ plasma TV for those who have absolutely nothing but money. The BeoVision 4-103 weighs 265kg–that’s 583lbs. That is massive! How much does Shindoa’s 145″ weigh? Just 7.2kg or 15.84lbs. You read that right: a 145″ plasma display that weighs just 15.84lbs. That’s amazing! The 3 meter by 2 meter Plasma Tube Array (PTA) is also extremely thin at just 1mm thick. 1mm! That’s 0.04″ (I hope I calculated correctly). Compare that thin profile to the ultra-thick 35cm or 13.8″ BeoVision 4-103. Shinoda’s PTA is game-changing. Without a doubt. Picture of the thin and ultra-light but massively large 145″ PTA after the jump.


960 x 720 That’s the pixel format of each 1 meter x 1 meter PTA panel. So it’s not quite ground breaking but if you put six of them in a 3×2 layout as in the picture you get a total of 2880 x 1440. BTW, that’s exactly a 2:1 aspect ratio and nearly perfect for watching HD. Of course, when displays are used for digital signage the pixel density is not as important as if you were to use them for monitors or TVs. Since the digital signage displays are usually a bit father way our eyes think they are just fine even with a 960 x 720 pixel format on a 1 meter x 1 meter screen.

Source: AVWatch (Google translated from Japanese)

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