US Flat Panel Display TV Top 5 Size Trends by Unit Share


What is the most popular flat panel display (FPD) TV size in the US? FPD TV would include both plasma TVs, LCD TVs and OLED TVs. According to DisplayBlog’s Monthly Flat Panel Display Tracker the most popular size, by a pretty good margin, is 32″. In March, 32″ FPD TVs captured a 18.8% unit market share. 32″ FPD TV’s unit market share has steadily climbed since October.

The 46″ FPD TV size looks quite interesting. It closely trailed 32″ for a while and then captured the top spot in January but has been experiencing a rapid decline in February and March.

52″ FPD TV market share has been steadily growing and maintained #3 until February. In March, 40″ FPD TVs experienced a surge to the #2 spot, overtaking 52″.

Market share for 42″ FPD TVs has steadily declined since December but is still #5 overall. So what are the top brands for 32″ FPD TVs?


The top 5 brands for 32″ FPD TVs that sold through the US from October 2008 to March 2009 is Westinghouse Digital. These guys experienced rapid growth and took the top spot in February and March. In March, Westinghouse Digital captured 29.3% share of 32″ FPD TV unit sales.

Samsung was the #2 brand for 32″ FPD TVs. Samsung’s 32″ FPD TV share has been steadily dropping since November but seems to have turned a corner in March. Samsung was the #1 brand for 32″ FPD TVs in November and December.

Sony has been in free fall since November. It did capture the top spot in October but now has fallen below Toshiba in the 32″ FPD TV category and sits at #4. Toshiba has been steadily increasing its share, overtook Sony in February and has taken the #3 spot in March. LG is a distant #5 but its 32″ FPD TV market share has been quite steady and is slowly rising.

Sharp is missing from the top 5. Sharp has been quite popular with a 11.0% market share of 32″ FPD TVs in October and has beaten LG four out of the last six months but in March fell below LG and so is outside of the top 5. Next is a detailed brand analysis in the 40″ FPD TV segment.


There really are only three brands competing in the 40″ FPD TV size segment in the US: Samsung, Toshiba and Sony, in that order. For 40″ FPD TV segment, which is the second most popular size, Samsung unsurprisingly leads with a dominant 48.4% unit market share. Its unit market share has slowly declined since October but seems to have regained some strength in March.

Toshiba has been growing market share in the 40″ FPD TV segment quite rapidly and overtook Sony in December. Sony is #3 and has steadily experienced a decline in its market share for 40″ FPD TVs.

Source: DisplayBlog’s Monthly Flat Panel Display Tracker

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