Dell ST2010: 20″ HD LCD Monitor, Looks Nice


Dell‘s ST2010 is a 20″ 16:9 LCD monitor. Dell calls it a HD monitor. But don’t let the 16:9 aspect ratio and HD title fool you. The nice-looking ST2010 has a 1600 x 900 pixel format–good for nothing. Got 1280 x 720p HD content to watch? It’ll look great without scaling but if you want to use the whole screen you’ll need to scale it up. And then it won’t look so nice. What if you want to watch 1920 x 1080p HD content? You’re out of luck. Dell has even put a HDMI connection for you to pump in 720p HD content. Unlike most LCD TVs, most LCD monitors lack good scaling abilities so I would stay clear from the ST2010 if you really want to watch a lot of HD content. If you still want to buy it because of the looks, Dell’s making it easy for you: around $130 is all it’ll take. So, what is the ST2010 good for? I really don’t know, you tell me.

Source: Dell

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