LCD Glass Shortage at 5G and 6G in Taiwan

corning_lcd_glass_taiwan_science_park_taichungAccording to DigiTimes, there is a 20 percent shortage for 5G and 6G glass substrates in Taiwan. This is mainly due to Taiwan-based LCD suppliers taking deliveries ahead of schedule because of component shortage concerns in the second half of 2009. Components such as driver ICs, PCBs, LED backlights, etc. are expected to be in shortage in the second half. 5G and 6G LCD fabs are mostly focused on production of notebook PC and LCD monitor panels.

Corning Display Technologies Taiwan (CDTT) is responding to the increased demand in LCD glass substrates by relighting some of its idle glass facilities. But it will take some time for idled glass tanks to begin mass production. Corning (NYSE: GLW) has one of the largest LCD glass substrate manufacturing facilities in the world located at the Central Taiwan Science Park (pictured above) in Taichung. The facility manufactures G5 and larger LCD glass substrates.

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