PureDepth 3D Multi-Layer Displays in Volume Production


PureDepth, like the name, develops real 3D displays using multi-layer display (MLD) technology. The company, founded in 1999, is headquartered in Redwood Shores, California and has offies in Japan and an engineering center located in New Zealand. PureDepth’s MLD technology makes use of real depth. MLD makes use of two LCD panels: a front display and a back display. In between the two displays is an insterstitial filter, which is used for optical correleation, compatibility and interferences between display layers. Since PureDepth’s MLD technology is physically 3D, users should not experience headaches, a problem for many other 3D technologies.


On May 20, 2009, PureDepth announced the launch of PureDepth Japan KK (PDKK) to bring its MLD technology to the Japanese market. Yutaka Nagata is General Manager of PDKK, which is located in the Otemachi district of central Tokyo. The company has a licensing agreement with Sanyo Electric for integration into pachinko and pachislot machines. The first MLD-based pachislot game called Onihama was introduced in November 2008 and has been rated the second most popular pachislot machine in Japan by players.

According to TechOn, PureDepth is expected to commence volume manufacturing of 12.1-inch MLDs in South Korea this week. Kortek Corp. of South Korea will be manufacturing these displays as well as the 20.1-inch version.

Source: PureDepth, TechOn

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