Seiko Epson Uniform Organic Material Deposition Inkjet Technology for 37-inch and Larger OLED TV

OLED-Info: On May 26, 2009, Seiko Epson announced that it has developed an inkjet technology that can uniformly deposit organic material for the production of 37-inch and larger organic light-emittion diode (OLED) TVs. Prior to the company’s announcement a major challenge in manufacturing large OLED displays was the lack of technology to reliably form uniform organic layers on large substrates. Vacuum thermal evaporation (VTE) is currently widely used to deposit organic materials  but has been difficult to form uniform layers of organic material in substrates larger than 11″.

Seiko Epson’s proprietary Micro Piezo technology is used to improve accuracy in organic material deposition compared to VTE. Trial production using Micro Piezo inkjet technology has resulted in a highly uniform prototype panl with a volume error of less than 1 percent. Not only is quality improved with the company’s inkjet technology throughput is also enhanced, significantly reducing the time it takes to manufacture OLED displays.

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