2009 iPhone: Larger Display?


Four Inches This picture is via iFun.de and is supposedly the front-facing bezel frame for the 2009 iPhone. If true, the obvious difference from the current iPhone 3G is that it is black. The interesting differences are the ear speaker and thinner base where the single button goes. If the ear speaker is flush with the upper bezel then the opening should be close by. And since I’m interested in displays, this will make room for a slightly larger display compared to the 3.5-inch in today’s iPhone. Next: the bottom base. This looks thinner to me. That might mean a smaller diameter for the single button and give a bit more room for the slightly larger display. I am guessing Apple can squeeze in a 4-inch display based on my fool-proof scientific method: I measured my iPhone with my ruler and it seems a 4-inch looks about right.

OLED I don’t think the display will be a LCD. I do think Apple will make use of a 4-inch OLED display. Multitouch too, of course. Apple’s adoption of OLED for its iconic iPhone will signal the dawn of a new era in small displays: Apple will trailblaze the shift from LCD to OLED in high-end smallish displays. Think smartphones, mobile phones, MP3 players, portable media players (iPod Touch), digital cameras (D-SLRs too), portable gaming platforms (Sony’s PSP), etc.

Ooops. I think I might be mistaking Apple for Samsung… Samsung has already incorporated OLED displays into its high-end smartphones. But Apple is Apple. Second week of June seems so far away.

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