Corning Gorilla Glass in Dell Adamo


Corning: On May 27, 2009, Corning announced that its Gorilla glass has been designed into the Dell Adamo. The Adamo’s 13.4-inch display features an edge-to-edge cover glass. According to Alex Gruzen, senior vice president at Dell:

In designing Adamo, we set the goal of creating the thinnest notebook in the world while keeping a commitment to precision craftsmanship and fine materials. Collaboration with Corning on Gorilla glass allowed us to create a truly stunning and remarkably thin, yet robust product.


The thickness of the Gorilla glass cover that is used on Dell’s Adamo is just 0.55mm or 0.02-inch thick. Corning’s Gorilla glass is manufactured at the company’s Harrodsburg, Kentucky plant and processed at a plant located in Fuzhou, China. Jim Steiner, senior vice president at Corning Specialty Materials, adds:

Aesthetics and style are becoming key differentiators in the laptop market today, and Corning’s Gorilla glass enabled Dell designers to feature glass on the Adamo in a way not done before. The unique properties of the glass allow for reduced thickness and weight without compromising durability. In addition, on the glass surface, Corning provides an easy-to-clean, wear-resistant coating, which allows for easy smudge removal and maintenance of the pristine viewing surface.

Corning’s Gorilla glass is made from environmentally-friendly alumino-silicate glass using the company’s proprietary fusion draw process. Gorilla glass becomes a durable, scratch-resistant LCD cover after going through a chemical strengthening process. The process involves an ion-exchanged process that creates a compression layer on the surface of the glass substrate. This compression layer provides an armor-like protection that reduces the propagation of flaws, which can be created in the production process or the end user. Corning’s unique composition and process allows for much deeper layer depths than is possible with most other chemically strengthened glasses.

Dell’s Adamo is the first and only notebook to use Corning’s Gorilla glass as a front cover. The Gorilla glass has been designed into more than 20 commercial electronic devices including LG’s Secret (LG-KF750), Cowon’s S9 and Samsung’s Ultra Touch (S8300).

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