Mobinnova Elan: 8.9-inch Netbook, NVIDIA Tegra, Silent


720p HD Playback Mobinnova’s elan netbook looks quite nice, except for the bulging Sony-esque (but rather ugly) battery in the back. The elan sports a 8.9-inch display and offers “720p high-definition video playback” so I take it has a pixel format of at least 1280 x 720 and most likely 1366 x 768–very nice. The big news for the elan is that NVIDIA’s Tegra “computer-on-a-chip” is powering the device. At just 2lbs it is quite light and features instant on, a 3G connection and a very impressive battery life.

Impressive Battery Mobinnova claims the elan’s battery can last 5 to 10 hours of continuous HD video playback on single charge. That’s about 5 movies! If you’re not into video and just want to listen to music, you can do that for up to 24 days. Continuously! Just make sure the display is turned off.

Accelerated Flash Like Hulu? You’ll like the elan! With NVIDIA’s Tegra all Flash-based content is hardware accelerated including 720p HD content. This is big news. How about we get hardware-accelerated Flash on everything else!

Silent Because the Tegra chipset consumes so little power it doesn’t need a fan. So this little elan netbook will be quiet. It doesn’t say in the press release but I’m assuming the elan makes use of SSD, so quiet isn’t the right word–silent is.

Source: Engadget

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