LG Electronics: Out of Gumi


LG Electronics plans to move its flat panel display (FPD) TV manufacturing capabilities in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province, closer to Seoul in Pyeongtaek. Why? To centralize production and improve management efficiency.

The company will need all the improvements it can get to achieve the goal of selling 18 million LCD TV sets in 2009 despite a weak economy. Centralized production will include costs savings in logistics, human resources and manufacturing.

LGE’s production center in Gumi will shift its focus on small/medium-sized LCD panels. LG Display is also focusing on expanding its LCD panel manufacturing from Gumi to Paju, which is just north of Seoul. LGE is also moving its research and development (R&D) personnel, roughly 300, out of Gumi and into Pyeongtaek.

Source: The Korea Times

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