Sony PSP Go


Sony via Engadget: On June 2, 2009, Sony announced the PSP Go at E3. Unlike the previous PSP-3000 the PSP Go does not have a UMD drive. The PSP Go sports a 3.8-inch LCD with the same 480×272 pixel format found on the PSP-3000. It features WiFi B, Bluetooth, 16GB of internal storage and 64MB of memory, a 333MHz CPU, USB 2.0, Memory Stick Micro slot and analog video out.

I am somewhat relieved to see Sony recognizing that UMD had to go. A breath of fresh air coming out of a company that has been dead set on proprietary formats. But I’m still a little disappointed that Memory Stick Micro is still around. If you’re reading this Sony, just ditch the Memory Stick format and go with SD and save everyone a lot of trouble. I might sound a bit harsh but the design of the PSP Go is terrible: it looks like a cheap plastic gizmo you find in supermarkets designed by people who didn’t make the cut for the unsuccessful Mylo. The PSP Go will be available on October 1, 2009 and will cost you around US$250.

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