New iPhone? Some Pictures


Thanks to Nowhere Else you may be looking at the new iPhone that is expected to be announced next Monday at WWDC. At first glance it looks like the current iPhone 3G. But look carefully and there are three things I can see that are different.

Black Chrome is gone and the new iPhone is all black. This we are expecting and the picture seems to be bear the color/design change.

Voice Memos There is a new app called “Voice Memos” with an image of a microphone. Of course, this could easily be just another iPhone app, but I’m inclined to think that it’s legit.

Microphone for Ear On the current iPhone the microphone for the ear is located in the middle of the top bezel. In this picture it seems to be located flush with the border of the glass cover. I can’t make out what’s beneath it but there is certainly something there. Might it be an extra camera?

via Engadget

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