Notebook PCs Getting Better LCDs


Average LCD monitors all have a color gamut of at least 72 percent NTSC. Some go up to more than 100 percent. The same goes for LCD TVs. Notebook PCs? 99 percent of LCDs that go into notebooks are almost terrible. The color gamut is limited to about 45 percent NTSC. Viewing angles are really terrible. As far as I know there are no PVA, MVA or IPS LCD panels made for notebook PCs. Thankfully things are about to change. Thanks to Apple.

Yesterday, Apple introduced new MacBook Pro notebook PCs with decent LCDs sporting a color gamut that is 50 percent more than your typical fare. That 50 percent increase amounts to about 72 percent NTSC. With this move Apple has set LCD performance expectations for what a good notebook PC must have. I foresee other brands to follow very soon.

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