LG Display Fingerprint Resistant Multitouch OLED Display for Apple


I was hoping the iPhone 3G S would sport an OLED display. But that didn’t happen. Now there is gossip, encouraging gossip, keeping my hopes for a future OLED-based iPhone. The rumor is this: LG Display has been testing multitouch OLED panels that are fingerprint resistant. No more fingerprints… now that would be quite nice!

An OLED display would make the iPhone even thinner and last longer. The contrast would be better than almost all of the best TVs out there! Colors would be absolutely amazing. Of course, it wouldn’t last for more than a few years. But, hey, we don’t need our iPhones to last that long–we would gladly be forced to upgrade to a new iPhone every year! Actually, researchers are working hard to improve the longevity of OLED materials so they are long enough that we won’t have to worry.

An ultra-thin iPhone without the fingerprint problem… I like it. According to my estimation, we should expect Apple’s fingerprint-resistant multitouch OLED iPhone 4G to be announced at WWDC 2010 in June. Fingers crossed.

Source: Ubergizmo, OLED-Display

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