LG Display Paju LCD Cluster


PC Magazine’s Michael Miller visited LG Display‘s Paju LCD cluster in South Korea and came away “incredibly impressed”. The LCD cluster in Paju currently has two factories running: one G7 and one G8. This alpha-numeric code represents the generation that these LCD fabrication plants represent. Larger numbers mean that the LCD factory can handle larger glass substrates or sheets. For instance, LG Display’s G7 can handle glass substrates that are 1950 x 2250mm. Translated into inches the dimension of a glass sheet is 76.8-inch x 88.6-inch. Quite large. But the larger G8 fabrication plant handles 2200 by 2500mm glass substrates or 86.6-inch by 98.4-inch. Massive! There’s even a G10 that is being operated by Sharp that is quite a bit larger than that.

With these large glass substrates, the factories manufacture LCDs. The G7 fab can manufacture eight 42-inch LCD panels or six 47-inch from a single glass substrate. The larger G8 fab can do a bit more: 18 32-inch, eight 47-inch or six 55-inch. The Paju LCD cluster is home to about 15000 employees during the day. A dormitory on-site houses 5700. LG Display has carved out enough space for three additional LCD factories. Hop on over to PC Magazine to read the full article.

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