According to Samsung, its “LED TV” is “a whole new species of television”. Well, sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but it isn’t really a LED TV and it really isn’t a whole new species of television. Samsung’s LED TV is really a LCD TV. To be more specific, it is a LCD TV with a LED edge-lit backlight that allows for thinner designs. Is this a whole new species? Hardly. Notebooks have had edge-lit LED backlights for a while now. The challenge was to control the light coming out of a row of edge-lit LEDs and spread it across a large LCD. That rather old-ish technology is now being incorporated into LCD TVs. So, no, it’s not a new species let alone a new technology. I’m afraid Samsung is confusing the consumer and getting dangerously close to false advertising. If you look at its website for televisions, “LED TV” is a separate category along with LCD TV and Plasma TV leading viewers to believe that it is not a LCD TV. Not good.

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