Philips 22-inch Brilliance LCD Monitor


Pocket-lint: Philips just launched its Brilliance LCD monitor. The 22-inch LCD monitor sports the company’s PowerSensor technology, which is marketing-speak for a proximity sensor that sense whether or not you’re sitting in front of the monitor. If the Brilliance monitor senses you’re not in front of it it will immediately dim its brightness resulting in a 50 percent power reduction. Come back, sit down and the monitor will come back to life. This feature is hardware driven so no need to tinker around with whatever settings in the operating system. All monitors (including TVs!) should have this feature. Price for the 22-inch is £170 or about US$280, which is quite expensive (normally you can get a 22-inch LCD monitor for less than US$200) but hopefully the smaller energy bill will offset it in the mid- to long-term. For commercial deployments Philips’ Brilliance monitor should be on the short list if you’re trying to cut energy costs.

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