iPhone 3GS Overheating


Over one million iPhone 3GS have been sold in the opening three days. I’m sure there are millions more customers that are enjoying super speeds, great photo and video capabilities and the upgraded GPS thanks to the integrated magnetometer. But a few owners are not very happy at all. For some the iPhone 3GS seems to be heating up, enough to change the color of the white iPhone 3GS to something a bit less cool: brown.

The likely culprit? Faulty battery cells. Because these batteries are mass manufactured the problems that are being seen by some of the users can affect a lot more. Look at the picture of white iPhone 3GS and you can see the brown outline where the battery is located.

No one should take faulty batteries lightly. If you are experiencing your iPhone 3GS running extpremely hot, make sure to take it to the nearest Apple store and let them know and ask for a replacement. In the long run a hot-running iPhone 3GS will completely fail: battery overheats, produces gas, battery expands, expansion puts pressure on adjacent components, components get damaged, iPhone fails.

Source: Wired

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