Alienware OptX AW2210: 22-inch LCD Monitor


Alienware: Let’s get one fact out of the way before I begin: almost all 22-inch LCD monitors are in fact 21.5-inch. Okay, now let’s get down to business. Alienware’s OptX AW2210 is a 1080p 22-inch LCD monitor and that means the resolution is 1920×1080–not that great for gaming since most games that I know support 1920 x 1200, a bit more vertical pixels. I’m sure the newest games also support 1920×1080 but good luck finding support from older games.

Alienware decided to go with non-glossy anti-glare with the AW2210 and I think they made the right decision. I don’t like glare, but that’s just my preference… and Alienware’s. Brightness is an industry average of 300 cd/m2. Now dynamic contrast ratio is rated at 80,000:1, but don’t let that huge number fool you: it means almost nothing. Why? Because the backlight is made up of your typical CCFL tubes and the incredibly high contrast ratio is achieved by modulating the entire backlight not portions of it like you do with a LED backlight with local dimming. Sure dark scenes will look darker and bright scenes will look brighter. But don’t expect a sunset or a sunrise to look any better.

Response time is a super-fast 2ms gray-to-gray thanks to the TN panel technology. Gamers will like it but gamers will also realize that monitors like this one need 120Hz or better for fast-action to look even better. With nice wide viewing angle film the viewing angles are a respectable 170/160 degrees. Color gamut is 85 percent NTSC thanks to improved phosphors in the CCFL tubes. Connections are a plenty: two HDMI, one DVI, and a USB hub with 4 ports. It would have been nice to add a composite and VGA connections.

Like all monitors should be the AW2210 is height adjustable. I’m not sure if you can rotate it though: let me know if swivel equals rotate. Alienware did put in a final touch on the 22-incher: the OSD buttons use capacitive touch sensors. Is the AW2210 worth US$290 that Alienware is asking? I’m not sure. What do you think?

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