LG Display to Upgrade G8 LCD Plant

LG Display plans upgrade its G8 TFT LCD fabrication plant to increase the input capacity to beyond 83,000 glass substrate per month. The company is responding to the current LCD TV panel shortage. According to Do-hoi Koo, VP of LG Display and head of the company’s G8 plant:

The global LCD industry is growing by an average 10 percent every year. Therefore we should secure at least an annualized 10-percent production growth to maintain and catch up with the market demand.

LG Display’s G8 LCD fab cost KRW3.1 trillion and began volume production just three months ago. In that time the G8 fab has already reached its maximum input capacity of 83,000 glass substrates per month with yields exceeding 90 percent. This bodes well for component suppliers like Corning and Asahi that supply LCD glass substrates.

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