Samsung XL2370: 23-inch 1080p LCD Monitor with LED Backlight


Samsung‘s XL2370 is a 23-inch 1080p LCD monitor that sports an edge-lit LED backlight. Response time is a lighting 2ms and because of the use of edge-lit LED backlighting the XL2370 should be pretty thin. Dynamic contrast ratio is stated as 5,000,000:1, which means almost nothing. Samsung claims the XL2370 is the company’s highest performance monitor. If that is the case, then Samsung’s best isn’t all that great it seems.

First of all the monitor is definitely not height adjustable and it doesn’t seem like you can pivot it either, thanks to the Touch of Color design. No 120Hz? That’s too bad since the 16:9 aspect ratio looks like it is geared towards those who want to watch some HD on the XL2370. As you can see from the picture, the viewing angle from below (not that you’d watch HD from that angle) is pretty terrible, thanks also to the reflection and glare.

The edge-lit LED backlight reduces power consumption by 40 percent compared to other 23-inch LCD monitors–a good thing. So the only good features about the XL2370 is that it is thin and consumes less energy. If you’re a fan of the Touch of Color design, then that’s a plus too. The 23-incher is slated to ship in Korea in mid-July.

Source: Newswire via Engadget

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