NEC Versa Pro J UltraLight Type VS: $1000 Ultra-Thin Ultra-Light Netbook


Photo source: Akihabara News

NEC‘s Versa Pro J UltraLite Type VS (what a model name!) is a netbook that is just 15.8mm thick. In inches that’s just 0.62. The Versa Pro J UltraLite Type VS’ weight is really ultra-light at just 752g or 1.65lbs! Yes, it is extremely thin and weighs almost nothing, for a netbook. But there is a problem that I can already see.

No Trackpad I know there are many folks who like that little joystick next to the J key, but there are a ton more who don’t. NEC will need to stick on a trackpad by moving up the keyboard to get more sales. The keyboard is a typical Japanese keyboard with the vertical enter/return key and I hope if NEC decides to bring this UltraLite to the US the company will make sure that the right shift key is large, about as large as two alphanumeric keys.

Versa Pro J UltraLite Type VS Specifications

  • Display: 10-inch
  • CPU: 1.86GHz Atom
  • GPU: Intel GMA500
  • Storage: 64GB SSD
  • Availability: Japan in July
  • Price: About US$1000 (introductory)

Astronomical The price that is. $1000 for a netbook?!? Not very tempted (I am a bit tempted just to have it in my bag but not actually to use) even if it is ultra-thin and ultra-light. I’ll take my full-blown $999 MacBook any day over this.

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