Samsung SyncMaster F2380: 23-inch LCD Monitor


Vertically Capable 130mm or 5.12-inches. That’s the vertical range that the SyncMaster F2380 has. The smaller 20-inch F2080 has it too. Samsung incorporated a telescoping mount, which I think is a wonderful idea and much better than other height-adjusting methods. Looks good too.

S-PVA Viewing angles are 178/178. Contrast ratio is 3000:1. Samsung says that dynamic contrast ratio is 150,000:1, but that’s just marketing speak–don’t put too much faith in that. The 178/178 viewing angles suggest that the F2380 is using the company’s S-PVA LCD panel. And that’s important when you pivot this 23-inch monitor. Monitors using TN (like the one I have: HP w2408) is simply terrible in portrait mode.

Thin Bezel I do not like thick bezels, which reminds me of monitors of yore. The F2380 has a bezel that is just 15mm or 0.59-inch. The LCD is also almost flush with the bezel with the difference at just 2.5mm or slightly less than 0.1-inch. These specs might not sound that big of a deal, but when you put these next to thick-bezeled monitors the difference is night and day. A thin bezel makes multi-monitor solutions much better: there is less of a break between content and the physical chassis takes less space.

16:9 This is unfortunate. Samsung bills the F2380 (and F2080) as a business monitor and yet the LCD sports a 16:9 aspect ratio. I’m not sure what Samsung’s product planning team was thinking. I don’t think IT managers or any executives in a company would want workers to be thinking that they should watch 1080p HD content on their brand new 16:9 monitors from Samsung. I’m guessing the resolution is 1920 x 1080 for the F2380.

100% sRGB Color professionals rejoice: color gamut is improved, I think, to 100% sRGB. What is it in NTSC? Or is that spec not important anymore?

The price is KRW450,000 (about US$345) for the F2380 and KRW378,000 (about US$290) for the F2080.

Source: Samsung (Korean) via Engadget

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