Hate the Glare on your Unibody MacBook Pro? RadTech has a solution.


Who was the brilliant mind that thought glossy screens were cool? Add glossy and reflective together and you have a recipe for a lot of frustration by a lot of users. Not all users mind though. But I’m not one of them. If you have the display angled just perfectly away from lights from the ceiling and from windows, the glossy & reflective displays looks quite nice. If you don’t have that option the glossy & reflective display can drive you nuts. But don’t worry, RadTech has a solution for you.

RadTech’s ClearCal is an “anti-glare film for computer displays.” I received a ClearCal that is “Perfect for Apple MacBook” with a 13.3-inch display. The claims of the company are:

  • Eliminates Glare on Glossy Displays
  • Reduces Eyestrain & Distractions
  • Protects Screen from Impacts & Abrasions
  • Reduced Smudging when Touched

You see the picture above? That’s a nice reflection of the square light coming from the ceiling. Now look at the picture below.


That picture-perfect reflection has been nicely diffused. The ClearCal does a very good job of getting rid of glare and reflections. But. There’s always a but. I have extremely sensitive vision. My wife, who is an optometrist, says that I’m very picky. Although glare and reflections are greatly reduced, the ClearCal film adds a bit of, shall I say, speckle. I’m not sure if that’s the right word. A bit of noise is introduced to the display, similar to when you increase a DSLR’s ISO setting from 100 to 400. The rocks that you see in the picture are a bit less smooth. You’ll have to see it with your own eyes, if you can see it at all. Fortunately, the ClearCal film doesn’t reduce the brightness of the screen. For US$19.95 this a very affordable solution if you’re getting annoyed by your glossy & reflective unibody MacBook Pro and you can’t see the speckle I’m talking about, most likely you won’t. You can find more information about RadTech’s ClearCal at its website.

Note: As some of you may have noticed, the picture shows a white 13.3-inch MacBook. The ClearCal that came was much bigger than the 13.3-inch LCD. Necessarily so since it was designed for the unibody LCD glass covered MacBook. Since RadTech doesn’t make a ClearCal for non-unibody MacBooks, there is no other choice. I did put the ClearCal on my white MacBook and it worked very well. If I had the nerve to cut it down to size the glare & reflection problem on my white MacBook would definitely go away.

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