Sonos CR200: 3.5-inch VGA Touch Controller


Sonos has a new and improved controller: the CR200. The 3.5-inch LCD on the CR200 boasts an impressive resolution of 640 x 480 (landscape). I’m not sure if the CR200 has an accelerometer so I’m guessing you can only use it in portrait mode. Back to the resolution: it is twice that of the iPhone/iPod touch, which sports a 3.5-inch LCD with a resolution of just 480 x 320 (landscape). The touch technology on the CR200 is capacitive so it should respond quite well to your touches.

For the price of US$349 that includes the charging cradle that used to cost an extra $40 the CR200 is much more affordable than the CR100 ($399) replaces. The CR200 is eminently more portable too. But I hear there is a Sonos app for the iPhone and iPod touch that basically does the same thing as the CR200. The only difference in terms of technical capability is the CR200 can make use of the Sonos mesh wireless network. Engadget has a review that might help in making a decision whether or not to upgrade to the CR200.

Source: Sonos

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