100-percent LED Backlights in 2012 for Notebook PCs

100-percent According to DisplaySearch, 52-percent of notebook PCs in 2009 will sport a LED backlight. That number will hit 100-percent in 2012. This is good news for companies involved in the LED backlight supply chain and bad news for companies still trying to make a buck with CCFL backlights. But not really.

1-percent That’s the percent of LCD monitors that sport a LED backlight in 2009. It doesn’t really get better by 2012: just 15-percent. To get passed the 50-percent mark you and I will need to wait until 2015, that’s 6 years from now, according to DisplaySearch. So CCFL backlight companies still have a huge market to serve for quite some time.

3-percent Even with Samsung’s confusing “LED TV” marketing (and associated strong sales) DisplaySearch is stating that LCD TVs that sport LED backlights will be just 3-percent in 2009. By 2012 that will grow to 32-percent. The 50-percent mark? In 2014. Quite a ways from now.

LED backlight technology is certainly growing and will completely take over the notebook PC market by 2012. But, CCFL backlight technology isn’t going away any time soon since the great majority of LCD monitors and LCD TVs will feature CCFL backlights for many years.

Source: DisplaySearch

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