More OLED Smartphones from Nokia: Samsung, TPO OLED Panel Suppliers

OLED-info is reporting that Nokia will be launching more OLED smartphones in 2009. Currently Nokia is shipping the N85 that sports a 2.6-inch Active Matrix OLED (AMOLED) and coming soon will be the N86. OLED has its benefits. OLED allows for thinner displays and the contrast is outstanding: black is really black, not dark gray. With the right user interface (making most of the background black) the OLED display can consume much less power allowing the smartphone/mobile phone to last much longer compared to a backlit-LCD.

OLED Panel Suppliers Two companies supply OLED displays to Nokia according to DigiTimes. They are Samsung and TPO. Unfortunately, according to OLED-Info, TPO is experiencing some technical issues and the company has not been able to supply the AMOLED displays to Nokia. TPO is currently developing and will launch its first OLED display with a 800 x 480 resolution around 3-inches geared for mobile phone applications later this year.

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