Nanovision MIMO 720-S: 7-inch USB Touch Display


Nanovision will be introducing a touch version of its MIMO USB display, the 720-S. The 720-S will feature a 7-inch LCD with a 800 x 480 resolution (landscape). You can pivot the MIMO in portrait mode. MIMO USB works with both PCs and Macs. If you need multiple monitors to enhance your productivity the MIMO USB monitors can be an excellent choice.

Expensive? Depends If you are mostly desktop-bound I wouldn’t recommend shelling out an incredible $149.99 let alone the pricier $215 for a tiny 7-inch screen with a limited 800 x 480 resolution. I would instead steer you to a solid 17-inch or larger monitor for about the same price but with a lot more pixels. However if you travel quite a bit and still require some extra real estate and don’t want to carry around a 17-inch behemoth, the MIMO USB LCD monitor even at these prices can be worth it. The 720-S will be available in September for about US$215. The 710-S is a non-touch version that goes for a little less at US$149.99.

Source: Engadget

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