Antiglare Option on Apple 15-inch Unibody MacBook Pro


Finally, Apple is giving you the option of paying US$50 to get an “Antiglare Widescreen Display” for the 15-inch unibody MacBook Pro. Yesterday, I visited an Apple Store to check out the iPhone 3GS‘ picture and video-taking capabilities. Let’s just say I wasn’t impressed with the selectable autofocus–I didn’t really see a single picture with nice bokeh after taking a dozen pictures. I did like the video–very impressive for a phone. After fiddling with the iPhone I went to the MacBook section and toyed with the 17-inch MacBook Pro with the antiglare option. The antiglare display is nice and significantly reduces reflections and glare. The aluminum-like bezel looks pretty ugly though next to an edge-to-edge cover glassed version. So I was wondering: Why can’t Apple (or Corning) coat the cover glass with an antiglare treatment?

I’m also wondering if we’re being ripped off. Do you remember when everyone was charging $50 for the optional glare display?

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