Zune HD: Preorder on Amazon

Wired is reporting that the Zune HD can be preordered on Amazon. The 16GB Zune HD goes for US$220 at Amazon. The 32GB is just a bit more at $290. These prices undercut Apple’s iPod Touch by $55 and $80 respectively. These prices are tentative because Microsoft has not officially confirmed pricing or launch date for the Zune HDs.

Here are some posts about the Zune HD:

It is surprising that Microsoft is undercutting the iPod Touch even though its Zune HD media players seem to have technically more capable hardware. Since I’m a display guy, let’s look at the stunning 3.3-inch capacitive multitouch OLED display: certainly this is significantly better than anything that’s on Apple’s portable products. The OLED will have black levels far better than your recently-bought $2000 LCD TV. Seriously.

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