Rumor: Apple Press Event on September 7


Press Event According to All Things D, multiple music industry sources are pointing to an Apple press event on September 7. Unsurprisingly there is no confirmation from Apple. Apple usually sends out invitations to select press about a week before the event. Apple in recent years have used the week following Labor Day to introduce new music-related products and services. The iPod Touch was introduced two years. Last year an enhanced iPod Touch and the Genius feature in iTunes were showcased. This year the event will most likely have something to do with music.

Cocktail Format Apple is working on a new music format that bundles full-length albums with album covers and interactive multimedia content. It would be a strain to view this on a smallish iPod Touch and even worse on smaller regular iPods. Apple’s Cocktail format can certainly work on tiny screens but the experience will be less than ideal. Integrate the Cocktail format with the much rumored Apple tablet, iTablet, iBook, or whatever else you might want to call it and you get to a better hardware and software solution that enhance the experience of enjoying music. In my opinion this is where Apple is headed.

iTablet According to Gizmodo, a source that claims to have held a mock up of the iTablet stated the display to be 10-inch in size and looks like a giant iPhone.

  • The iTablet would be positioned between an iPhone/iPod Touch and a MacBook and cost between US$700 and $900.
  • The iTablet can be used as a secondary screen or touchpad for iMacs and MacBooks.
  • The project has been underway for more than four years with a first prototype built at the end of 2008.
  • The iTablet will be released this holiday season.

We all know that Apple is a very secretive company and uses many methods to thwart people trying to leak information out to the public. One way is to deliberately show prototypes and mock ups of products that are not the actual product. This source might have been given one of those. Other sources contacted The Loop and stated the keynote event will not include the introduction of the iTablet. The Apple tablet would be introduced in early 2010 at the earliest. The September event will be focused on music. And that logic gets us back to the iTablet. From what I can guess the iTablet will primarily be a consumption device, meaning that it will be used to consume music, video, books, magazines, etc.

Steve Jobs Will Jobs appear at this rumored Apple keynote on September 7? We haven’t seen Jobs make a presentation since last October but we also know that Jobs has been back at work since June. I do hope Jobs is well and shows up at the press event.

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