Samsung 9000 Series “LED TV” Coming Late 2009

Breakthrough Samsung‘s 9000 series LCD TVs with LED backlights will sport a direct-type LED backlight (not the edge-lit LED on the 8500 series) and still be very thin. This will be a significant breakthrough since a direct-type (in the back) LED backlight typically is quite thick. One main reason is that distance is required to get the light coming out of hundreds if not thousands of LEDs to go out toward the front in a nice uniform manner by using optical films and other technologies. With the 9000 series it seems Samsung has figured out a way to do that with less space. Cool.

8500 Series The 9000 series improves upon the 8500 series. The 8500 series, which as an edge-lite LED backlight, will be available in the US in September and come in two sizes: 46-inch and 55-inch sporting 240Hz frequencies, a dynamic contrast ratio of 7,000,000:1 that means absolutely nothing and a very fast 2ms response time. The 8500 series will have a big matching price too: US$3599.99 for the 46-inch and $4499.99 for the 55-inch. I’m guessing the 9000 series will be even more expensive.

LED TV? Yeah, right! I’ve shared my views on Samsung’s shady practice of calling its LCD TVs with LED backlight “LED TVs”. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to explain that Samsung’s “LED TVs” are not really LED TVs but LCD TVs with a LED backlight. My friends seem to think that LED TVs are better than LCD TVs. Thanks Samsung for confusing everyone with your shady marketing tactic. According to Samsung the company has shipped 400,000 LCD TVs with LED backlights in the first half of 2009. The goal for 2009 is to ship two million. The second half is typically stronger but the split is usually 40:60 or 30:70. Even if Samsung continues to grow as quickly as it has in the first half, I’m looking at figure that’s around one million. Instead of two.

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