IBM T210: And the winner is…

Today is the day I announce the winner of a free IBM T210 20.8-inch QXGA LCD monitor. On August 9, I decided to give away the T210. All you needed to do was comment. I would pick the person who provides the most compelling reason why he or she should take the T210 home. I was somewhat disappointed to see just a few comments but I think that was a good thing: it would have been exponentially harder if there were significantly more comments. So what should be the basis of my decision?

  • MeganWilloughby has a crappy laptop at work and with the economy the way it is I’m sure the company is unwilling to invest a few hundred dollars on a modern notebook PC. The viewing angle is terrible on the notebook PC as is the keyboard. A better monitor would certainly help become more productive.
  • jaewoosong wants to give a complete PC system to a family including the T210 so their teenage boys stop fighting over the one computer. Peace at home is certainly important. And by giving the T210 to jaewoosong the gift is in turn given to a needy family.
  • QRT is a CAD/CAM 3D modeling engineer. His 20-inch CRT died and the T210 would be a solid replacement.
  • johnhar develops iPhone apps on his MacBook. I’m guessing it is the smaller variety because he speaks of the painful switching between windows. A QXGA T210 would enable him to put up four XGA windows and significantly reduce the pain associated with switching between windows. I would even get credit on his next app!
  • PaulinMaryland created a song parody: what creativity! I am impressed!
  • DPIdpi also commented but unfortunately did not meet the deadline.

So who is the winner? Let me share with you some things I thought about before making this decision:

  • “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” -Acts 20:35, New International Version
  • “…those people who spent money on others reported greater happiness…” Michael Norton, Harvard Business Review via
  • “…altruism is good for your emotional well-being…” Elizabeth Scott, M.S.,
  • “You give from the heart and… it satisfies your brain.” Jordan Grafman, Chief of Cognifitive Neuroscience Section, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

I want to be blessed, happy, emotionally well, satisfy my heart and brain, etc. Out of the comments I received there was just one that wanted to receive the prize but in turn give it away to another in need. To me that’s like getting blessed doubly! I get to be happy twice over! It truly is more blessed to give than to receive and the winner is… jaewoosong!!! Congratulations jaewoosong!!! You’ve won the 20.8-inch QXGA LCD monitor!!! I hope the teenager and the family will be blessed with peace now that they will have one less thing to fight about. A complete PC is a very powerful resource and I hope thanks to jaewoosong the teens will be able to make the most of it in a good way. Thanks everyone for participating! Look forward to other free items in the future on DisplayBlog…

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