Canon PowerShot S90


It is that time of year when most camera manufacturers come out with new models. I’ve already shared with you information about Canon’s G11. Just as powerful as the G11 but with a more slender body is the PowerShot S90. The S90 marks the return of Canon‘s S-series prosumer compact cameras.

Dual Anti-Noise System The high-sensitivity 10.0 megapixel image sensor combined with Canon’s enhanced DIGIC 4 image processor enables greatly reduced noise in photographs taken in low-light conditions. Low light is definitely the must-have feature in compact cameras. Have a look at my post on Sony’s TX1 that makes use of a new Exmor R image sensor.

f/2.0 + IS A wide aperture of f/2.0 means that the lens is fast and allows for more light to come through within a defined period of time. For instance a f/2.8 lens will take about twice as long to capture the same photograph compared to a f/2.0. The faster you capture something the less likely the photo will end up being blurred. Pair this with optical Image Stabilizer (IS) technology and you’ve got a 4-stop advantage over the competition according to Canon.


3.0-inch LCD According to the company this 3-inch LCD makes use of PureColor II LCD technology that feature very wide viewing angles. Usually small LCDs that are integrated into digital cameras have poor color rendering and even poorer viewing angles. Canon must have procured something special that’s in the S90. The resolution seems to be… well, I don’t know. As I have mentioned before camera manufacturers seem to think that the total number of pixels is all we need to know: 461,000 pixels. The LCD, which is your viewfinder, gives you 100-percent coverage.

US$429 The S90 isn’t cheap. For $429 you can get a low-end DSLR body, like Canon’s Rebel XS with a kit zoom lens. But we’re talking about two different markets, aren’t we? The shopper looking for something like the S90 cares about portability just a little bit more than photo quality. The DSLR shopper is willing to sacrifice portability for a little more photo quality. The price is the same and it really is up to you to decide what features are important. Personally, I take most of my pictures on my iPhone because it is always with me. So, I’m guessing if I sell my DSLR and get a S90 I’ll take a ton more pictures and without sacrificing too much quality. Of course the best option is to keep my DSLR, make more money and get the S90! The S90 can be pre-ordered at Amazon for $429.95.

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