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The Best Wired’s Steven Leckart concludes Kodak’s Zi8 as the “best pocket cam we’ve seen this year.” (Source: Wired) What about Pure Digital’s Flip you ask? Blows it out the door according to Leckart. So what makes the Zi8 so good?

Good Stuff 1080p, microphone jack, slimmer sexy body, easy-to-use rubber USB connector. 1080p at 30fps recording is definitely high-end. You’ll also need a fairly capable computer with a minimum 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 1080p LCD TV (or plasma or projection TV) to view these 1080p clips. If you don’t have them then you’re wasting your pixels, which are stored on SD cards. Of course, you can also capture 720p at 60fps to you can see it on your less-than-1080p computers and TVs.

I’m Too Sexy The Zi8’s body is lighter, shorter and sleeker than the Zi6. 2.4 x 4.5 x 0.9-inch to be exact. For those of you who are on the metric system: 62.0 x 113.2 x 21.5mm. One way Kodak was able to shrink the 1080p-shootin’ pocket cam was to get rid of the AA batteries and replace it with a more ergonomic Lithium Ion battery. Hopefully these won’t blow up. The only real complaint from Wired were the 5 megapixel still pictures: ‘passable’.

Other Voices Here are some others who have reviewed the Zi8 and what they said. Seems quite positive with the exception of Pocket-lint:

  • “With the Zi8, Kodak finally surpasses Flip Video’s video quality and feature set.” – cnet
  • “…the Zi8, though still firmly a budget camcorder in terms of both price and image quality, is a device you’ll be comfortable relying on in more situations than the old model, or for that matter, any other pocket cam on the market today.” – Gizmodo
  • “On the whole the pro’s do outweigh the cons, but you need to be aware of those cons before parting with your cash to avoid being disappointed.” - Pocket-lint
  • Like the competition, the Zi8 still isn’t perfect, but given its many features and sub-$200 price, it’s the best pocket camcorder you can buy right now, so it’s our latest Editors’ Choice.” – PC Mag

Zi10 Hey Kodak, want to make the Zi8 even better? Introducing the Zi10. The f/2.8 lens is pretty good but integrate a low-light image sensor and pair it with a faster (f/2.0 should be fast enough) optical zoom lens. Digital zoom? Nobody uses it so just get rid of it. If you can’t get rid of it, don’t even mention it. Try not to use plastic or when you do make it look like it isn’t plastic. Apple does a good job of this: hire someone from Apple. Do you need to have your logo on the front and the back? Choose one, preferably the one on the back. HD? Why not “1080p at 30fps Full HD”? My point is this: don’t over stamp the thing! The 2.5-inch LCD is probably good enough but make sure it is bigger, transflective (easy to see during sunny days) and has more pixels. Touch would be nice. The colors aren’t bad, but you’re missing two obvious ones: white and aluminum.

For all the specifications visit Kodak’s Zi8 page.

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