Nokia Booklet 3G: Netbook-Like Mini Notebook PC

Netbook? Atom: Check. 10.1-inch LCD: Check. So it’s a netbook, right? Well, not quite. The Booklet 3G also has 3G (simply insert a SIM), A-GPS, HDMI out and the standard Bluetooth and WiFi BGN. The 10.1-inch LCD is not the 1024 x 600 variety found on netbooks either. Although no specific resolution is mentioned Nokia is stating that it is an HD screen. And by that I would guess it sports a 1366 x 768 resolution–quite high for a tiny 10.1-inch screen and quite unlike your typical netbook. Sony tried this trick with its P series but nobody was fooled–the P series is a netbook just a little wider that’s all.

The Booklet 3G is quit thin at just 2cm or .78-inch. Weight? 1.25kg or 2.7lbs. The operating system will be Windows. 7? I’m not sure. Battery life is up to 12 hours–that’s a pretty long time and it doesn’t require a really fat and ugly battery. Netbook or no, Nokia is branching out into new territory and I think it’s done a solid job! The Booklet 3G syncs with Nokia’s mobile phones too.


90-Percent Sexy The aluminum chassis looks very nice in a slightly understated way. The integrated speakers on the front edge looks like it could work well but I think Apple got it better by bouncing the sound off toward the user on my white MacBook (the MacBook Pro speakers work well too thanks to the size). Right off the bat there is something that will most likely irk me: the extra-thick bezel on the bottom. I’ve seen that before–on the Dell M4400 that I had for a while–and I didn’t really care for it. In an otherwise sexy machine that little bit is going to kill it for some.

Source: Nokia Conversations via Engadget

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