Asus Eee PC-branded eBook Reader: EeeReader


EeeReader That name is just a guess on my part. It’s probably not going to be that. Asus is getting into the ebook reader action. According to DigiTimes, Asus is planning to introduce an Eee PC-branded ebook reader by the end of the year according to Jerry Shen, president of Asus. The ebook reader market is getting quite crowded. Here is a partical list:

US$99 There are, of course, considerably more brands and ebook readers but you get the point: there are choices, lots. So what does Asus bring to the table? The Eee PC brand. Remember what Asus did? To exaggerate just a little, Asus caused the netbook big bang. The company did that by bringing together cheap components into a tiny notebook PC, rebranded it as a netbook and sold it for considerably less than even the cheapest notebook PCs. Now we’re looking at a 20 million netbook market in 2009 (I think). Can Asus do that with ebook readers? I hope so. I look forward to a full-functioning touch-capable 3G-enabled E Ink-based ebook reader for US$99 that I can pick up at any electronics retailer or at a bookstore. Remember to make one specifically designed for students that can take physical abuse: drops, kicks, spills, dust, magic markers, etc. How do you differentiate from other cheapo ebook readers? Make it cheaper!

Source: DigiTimes

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