Sharp NetWalker PC-Z1: 5-inch Smartbook


Smartbook Sharp‘s NetWalker PC-Z1 is a 5-inch smartbook. The 5-inch LCD sports a netbook-like 1024 x 600 resolution but using about half the space. That’s some small pixels! Make sure your eyes are up for it. Not only are the pixels small, the NetWalker itself is pretty small: 161.4 x 108.7 x 19.7 – 24.8mm. For folks in the US, that’s: 6.35 x 4.28 x 0.77 – 0.98-inch. The weight? Just a featherlight 409g or 0.9lb. In that small and light chassis is a Freescale i.MX515 CPU running at 800MHz. Other specs include: 512MB of memory, 4GB flash storage, WiFi BG, USB (2), microSDHC expansion. The OS is Ubuntu.

3 Seconds That’s how long it takes for the NetWalker to boot–pretty darn fast. Of course, a MacBook that’s sleeping will wake up even quicker. I wonder if the PC-Z1 has a sleep feature; if it does it would come back to life in an instant I’m thinking. You want it to last too and it will, for 10 hours.

Big Ugly Cylinder There are a couple of things I’m not liking about the NetWalker. The LCD could certainly have been bigger. I don’t know why the bezel on the sides have to be so thick; it is massively thick, and ugly. The second thing that I immediately noticed was the big fat cylinder in the middle. Sony has been using this design for its netbook and notebooks but those are much bigger units so cylinder doesn’t look so big relatively speaking. On the NetWalker it looks gigantic! Sure you get 10 hours with that humongous cylinder but isn’t there a prettier way?

Â¥44,800 That’s about US$500 and will be available in the Japanese market on September 25. In my opinion the NetWalker needs to walk a bit more and lose that fat right in the mid-section. It also needs to lose a few yens and come down to about Â¥30,000 or US$320.

Source: AkihabaraNews via Engadget

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