150-foot LED Display: 12,000 nits of Brightness!


150 Foot Digital Signage Display Electronic Communication Displays, based in Bellevue, Washington, installed a 150-foot LED display for Emerald Queen Casino located in Tacoma, WA. The digital signage display features 3200 square feet of LEDs totaling over 300,000 pixels and two miles of cabling. The display was manufactured by Optec Displays based in City of Industry, CA. The LEDs in the 120-foot display has a 28mm pitch and five diodes per pixel that generate more than 12,000 cd/m2 of brightness! Talk about sunlight readability!

Largest West of Vegas Patrick Boyd of Electronic Communication Displays believes this 150-foot LED display is the largest west of Las Vegas. There are seven other outdoor displays that the company has installed on the Emerald Queen Casino property. Three additional outdoor LCDs are planned. The outdoor displays are all remotely managed by three Windows XP Embedded controllers. If you are in the market for a huge outdoor displays, check out Electronic Communication Displays at www.ecdisplays.com.

PS: I just want to make a quick comment about gambling. I personally gamble but I don’t want it to seem like I am endorsing it by posting this… umm… post. I personally set aside a small amount of money: if I lose it in in one hour (much sooner most of the time), then that’s it–no more gambling. If I win a good chunk of money (almost never happens) I also stop gambling and start shopping and eating. Here’s a good site to gamble responsibly: Responsible Gambling Tips by The Salvation Army.

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