Dell Adamo XPS: 9.99mm Design Concept


Dell Adamo Microsite: 9.99mm is extremely thin. For those metric-challenged it is just 0.39-inch. To get something that thin and keep structural integrity, I’m guessing the chassis will need to be made out of carbon fiber. Of course the LCD will need to be… hmmm… no, it can’t be a LCD: it would still be too thick. The Adamo XPS will need use an OLED. And if it does turn out to be an OLED display, Dell would be the very first to use an OLED display in a notebook PC. Dell’s Adamo was very thin but the company got there by putting in a neutered CPU–good for just browsing the Internet and email. This Adamo XPS is much thinner and I hope this time Dell doesn’t completely ignore performance.

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