Sony KDL-52XBR10: 52-inch 240Hz 1080p LCD TV

Sony_BRAVIA_KDL-52XBR10_KDL-46XBR10_240Hz_1080p_LCD_TV10 Isn’t Better Than 8 Just because 10 is larger than 8 doesn’t mean that Sony’s latest XBR10 LCD TVs are better than the company’s XBR9 XBR8 series. There are two XBR10s: the 52-inch KDL-52XBR10 and the 46-inch KDL-46XBR10. And when I say better I mean picture quality. The XBR9 XBR8 series made use of a RGB LED backlight, the best type of LED backlight you’d want in a LCD TV. Sony calls it Triluminos and it looks simply stunning. By using red, green and blue LEDs the XBR9 XBR8 series LCD TVs offer nicely saturated colors that are way better than most other TVs. In addition to the wide color gamut, a direct-type LED backlight allows local dimming and greatly improves contrast ratio–to levels that of the legendary KURO by Pioneer.

LED TV It Is Not You’re thinking, “Yeah, but it’s not a LED TV.” There is no such thing as a “LED TV” (to use at home) as Samsung would have you believe. The “LED TV” Samsung is fooling everyone with is actually a LCD TV using an edge-lit LED backlight (not even the best type). Unfortunately, and it is very unfortunate, Sony is going the same direction by making use of an edge-lit LED backlight for its XBR10 LCD TVs. Without even seeing the picture, I can bet serious coin that it will lose out in picture quality compared to the XBR9 series.

Slim What the XBR10 has is a very slim profile: edge-lit LED backlight technology will let you do that. To keep the slim profile all of the connections are via an external box. The XBR10 displays connect to the box wirelessly. The only cable that comes out of the thin display is a power cord. You will absolutely need to mount an XBR10 display on the wall to make use of the thinness, otherwise you’re wasting a lot of money. $5000 to be exact, for the 52-inch, and $4500 for the smaller 46-inch. Other features include a 240Hz frequency and the BRAVIA Engine 3. Video can be streamed from Amazon, YouTube, Netflix and Sony’s Yahoo! Widgets.

Wrong Way It isn’t surprising that Sony is going this direction. Sony invested heavily in Samsung’s LCD manufacturing capabilities that makes very large LCD TV panels. Samsung has been using edge-lit LED backlights, making fools of everyone and selling a whole bunch of “LED TVs”. Sony wants in on the action and so here it is: the not-so-great but really thin and extremely expensive XBR10.

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