ATI Radeon Eyefinity: Six Monitors, 268 Megapixels


Hot Hardware, cnet, Engadget: That’s Codemaster’s GRID being played by a really lucky guy on 6 LCD monitors. ATI’s Radeon Eyefinity lets you connect up to 6 displays with a single graphics card via DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, etc. The GPU running the show is based on 40nm technology, features 2 billion transistors and has the capacity for 2.5 trillion calculations per second.

You can configure the 6 displays as one massive screen or 6 individual ones. By connecting six 30-inch monitors in a 3 x 2 matrix you get a resolution of 7680 x 3200 for a total of 24.576 megapixels. The maximum capability of the Eyefinity is 268 megapixels.

Acer, Dell, HP, MSI and Toshiba are already working on equipping Eyefinity into their notebooks. CrossFire support will be coming in the future but will require at least a single DisplayPort connection. I guess DisplayPort is the future at least if you want an ATI multi-monitor solution. According to AMD, Eyefinity approaches eye-definition optical clarity that seem optically real to the human eye. All looks good, but there is one glaring problem.

If you look at the awesome 3 x 2 setup in the picture at the beginning of this post, the two vertical bezels in the middle make for a not-so-seamless look. This must change for the better if we expect multiple monitor setups to work as a single display. Can we move to a bezel-free display in the near future? Samsung seems to think so.

During DisplaySearch’s Digital Signage Conference 2009 that was held in San Jose, CA, the company promised zero bezel LCDs in the future. Thanks Paul for the tip!

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